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Welcome to Master Tutors. We provide specialized in-home tutoring throughout San Diego County. As an organization, we strive to deliver expertise tutoring to all students in a convenient, efficient and effective manner.

We are pleased to offer tutoring for all subjects and levels. Many of our tutors are certified teachers who are exceptionally trained for K-12 subject matter. For advanced high school and college level subjects, we have several tutors with specialized, graduate level degrees.

High School Students

With the ever increasing curriculum standards and college acceptance competition, many courses are becoming more challenging and your G.P.A. and SAT score are of the utmost importance. At Master Tutors, we recognize the new demands that many high school students are facing.

Private tutoring allows for one-on-one specialized instruction that can help you achieve your goals. Whether you need extra assistance grasping a few concepts in your AP Physics course or want to simply practice math word problems for your upcoming SAT test, our tutors have the expertise and experience to help.

College Students

The rigors of college can be quite difficult, even more so when you find yourself in a challenging course. Most college courses only provide a few hours of weekly instruction, which is frequently insufficient to grasp all the material. Specialized, one-on-one tutoring can provide additional instruction and clarification.

At Master Tutors, we recognize that college students may require various tutoring needs. Whether you want weekly instruction to keep you up to date with a challenging course or simply need one session to help clarify a few topics, our tutors have the expertise and experience to help.